Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions our clients have asked us before the start of the collaboration or during the execution of the agreed activities. They help you better understand who we are and how we operate. You will find many answers to questions and inquiries about how we conduct our relationship with the Client.

IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR evaluates any investment project related to products or technologies belonging to TMT, Fintech, and Sustainability sectors. Therefore, the project you propose must possess characteristics of innovation or development that can glimpse sufficient industrial or commercial potential to justify its investment by third parties. Therefore, IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR will make an immediate preliminary assessment, and only after this evaluation will it be able to confirm its readiness to manage the proposed project.

We base the relationship between IBA and Client on professional assumptions that are the fundamentals for anyone in this profession. However, it is emphasized that the parties' relationship is based on mutual esteem and trust. Esteem and trust are by no means trivial aspects. IBA's resources are limited because we are a boutique firm, not Big Four. Therefore, we must use our resources only on projects we firmly believe in, with a sincere and loyal relationship with the entrepreneur.

IBA's consulting activity parallels and is synergistic with the support currently provided to the business by accountants or lawyers. We can build entrepreneurial projects and support them operationally, but we must keep the company-specific knowledge that the professionals who already follow the entrepreneur possess. Therefore, IBA will establish a collaborative, strategy-sharing relationship with the abovementioned professionals.

We first divide the project according to the initiator. For example, the established company that intends to develop a new business or a startup with the idea that it believes has great potential but needs to be fully structured and organized. In the first case, working on a single project is possible because there is already a solid base; therefore, it is easier to structure a reliable strategy. In the second case, startup projects with tremendous potential need to be structured with risk diversification strategies and matched with targeted investor groups. IBA. is particularly experienced in finding the right synergies and ideal touchpoints.

IBA proposes a straightforward consulting agreement. The agreement usually (exceptions apply) will be subject to Italian Law for regulatory and tax aspects. It will have a variable duration, usually 4-6 months, for preparing documentation and contacting potential investors.

IBA provides its clients with an extensive range of services. Two types of compensation are established for all these services: a fixed, limited amount (retainer) at the collaboration activation and a commission (success fee) upon completion of the assignment with the attainment of the set objective. The retainer activates the contractual and consultative relationship, binds the parties responsibly, and obligates IBA. to consider the newly acquired Client with the same priority as the other clients. In addition, we have noticed that with the retainer, the Client follows and supports our work with celerity and consistency, a fact only sometimes taken for granted. The first payment, moreover of a minimal amount compared to the initial amount of work expressed, covers the living costs of IBA exclusively and is unavoidable. We only activate consulting relationships with those willing to make an initial investment. We will obtain our real profit from the success fee upon achievement of the final objectives agreed upon with the entrepreneur.

After the agreement is signed and activated with the first payment, the first "kick-off meeting" is organized within a few days. In this meeting, it is essential to agree on objectives, share procedures, acquire information and documentation, and visit the company. This way, IBA will begin understanding the company's salient features. A constant and continuous dialogue between IBA and the entrepreneur starts with the project's progress and supports and advises the company on any collateral and contingent operational aspects. Generally, depending on the project's complexity, after a few weeks, IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR can present the first results of its work, to be discussed and reviewed with the entrepreneur. In addition, IBA immediately informs its network of professionals so that they know about the new Client and quickly propose possible synergistic business opportunities in their areas of expertise.

IBA maintains constant contact with many national and international realities in the investment sector, to which it periodically proposes its opportunities. These realities are Investment Funds, entrepreneurs who devote part of their capital to direct investments, financial operators, and merchant banks. After drafting the project to be proposed according to the requirements, IBA identifies the correct and potential investment counterparts and sends them the Investor Memorandum. If there is interest, they move on to the next stage. Next, we send the Business Plan and explain it in detail with specific meetings. Finally, the goal is to draft a Letter of Intent (LOI) where the investor and the company begin to formalize the guidelines of their potential dealings according to shared conditions and timelines. During the LOI period, in-depth diligence activities are performed, and official documents are prepared to formalize the intervention and subsequent actions. IBA oversees all these steps until the completion of the negotiation.

None. The entrepreneur must be aware that what he spends to avail himself of IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR services is part of his company's investment plan to make it grow and improve. The work done by IBA always leaves tangible and lasting traces, regardless of whether complete success is achieved. Instead, the company has guaranteed that IBA will work tirelessly to achieve the goal, using all its capabilities once it accepts the assignment. But it is well understood that the final investment decision is always in the hands of the investor who acts and is advised independently and autonomously. The investment decision can be influenced by many factors and variables, such as market fluctuations, international socio-political situations, and competing companies, products, or technologies, which raise the project's risk profile. Of these variables, IBA cannot have control.