About Us

When you think the world has become too small, we will help you find new doors to cross.

No institution can survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organised in such a way as to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings.

Peter Drucker


IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR operates with a specific interest in innovation and research. We track companies possessing precise canons of innovation and market potential, matching them with complementary and synergic opportunities. We can take on new and demanding challenges thanks to operational flexibility, using selected and reliable international partners and specialists.

Whether your startup is only an idea or you manage a well-established company, IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR is your ideal partner to propose opportunities and solutions and help you grow and work with peace of mind. We are familiar with the business finance market and the type of investor your company can refer to. Therefore, we have chosen to work only with partners with our vision, sharing the methods and objectives of the companies we support in their entrepreneurial journey.



CFM is a network of professionals working with clients from a multidisciplinary and flexible perspective. We identify the best-subsidized finance solutions to achieve the company’s objectives and achieve concrete and fast results. We use a Lean approach to ensure efficiency and satisfaction through continuous operational improvement. We operate throughout Italy and collaborate with an established European network.


STARTUP ADVISORS is a young reality specialized in evaluating and supporting innovative startups following their whole cycle, from idea to growth. Graduates of Bocconi University in Milan, Jacopo, and Francesco have gained experience in strategic and financial consulting in Italy and abroad to support companies in realizing their vision and developing their potential.


INDUSTRIA CREATIVA is a digital design agency that brings your business ideas to life. It follows a precise working method that starts from the Client’s needs and comes to provide content and digital marketing solutions for a valuable and measurable result. It is our essential digital engine Dedicated to communication and lead-generation activities.


CHANGE CAPITAL is an Italian fintech that exponentially increases liquidity solutions. Its AI platform analyzes all available financing options and identifies the best solution for your business in seconds. We are a team of Fintech Advisors at Change Capital, and we help you identify the solution tailored to your company’s growth.