Do you want substantial help for your business? My name is Pierantonio Idini, and I am ready to help you fulfill your business challenges.

I conduct my business as a freelance consultant. I offer my strategic and operational experience united with a professional and financial network to small and medium-sized companies in Italy and abroad.

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Foreign Entities

IDINI BUSINESS ADVISOR has a long track record of assisting foreign entities in establishing new EU branches. We can help you find new capital and markets using our experience and connections for a successful localization of your business. Contact us if you want to expand your business in the EU, raise capital here, and find a local partner.

Equity & Debt

For you, we scour for equity investment from angels or VCs. We also use a credit brokerage platform in which we are a partner. In a sentence, we toil with you to equip your company with the financial tools you need for your growth plans. We also have in our network expertise and capacity to access capital and soft loans provided by regional, national, and EU institutions.

Enterprise Solutions

Whether you are in charge of a startup or an established company, we can prepare a highly customized consulting and service offering. With highly qualified staff, we quickly and effectively handle the operational and strategic issues that today’s complexity demands.

Work with us

For all our projects, we cooperate with a vast network of correspondents and partners operating in various business areas in Italy and abroad. If you are interested in joining our professional network, please enter your details in the contact form and choose the CV option.
Our Partners are a cornerstone of our clientele’s professional activities and services. Through a continuous interchange of news, opportunities, and information, we will always be able to find the right way for any consulting need, increasing mutual business opportunities.

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